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Chemistry, Faith, and Following Your Calling

Friday, April 12 || 12:00pm (Lunch provided)

Becky Matz

Becky Matz, Ph.D., Research Scientist, University of Michigan Center for Acadmic Innovation

Public Event:

A Generous Pluralism: How Christian Faith Can Enrich the University

Thursday, April 18 || 6:00pm (Light refreshments at 5:30pm)

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Kristin Collier

Kristin Collier, M.D., Clinical Associate Professor, Univ. of Michigan Medical School

George Marsden

George Marsden, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of History, University of Notre Dame

Event Details

In recent decades, mainstream university culture, once dominated by the secular ideal of “objective” scholarship has become what one scholar calls an “Intellectual Wild West” in which any point of view seems acceptable as long as it doesn’t intrude on others.

So where does that leave Christian academicians?  Do Christians who embrace faith commitments and believe in absolute truth have a legitimate place in the modern academy?  If so, how do they live out their calling as scholars and educators while also respecting the norms of a pluralistic university?  What Christian virtues are most relevant to flourishing in the academy?  These questions and others will be explored by two leading Christian intellectuals.

April 2024 Events

April 5 Faith Admid Adversity: Cultivating Resilience Through Solitude
Raymond Kethledge, J.D.

March 2024 Events

March 29 Belief in the Resurrection: A Scientist’s Perspective
Ronald G. Larson, Ph.D.

March 22 A New Christian Goes to College
Steve Telian, M.D.

March 15 Changing and Staying the Same: Developing Faith, Learning, and Wisdom
Bethany Hughes, Ph.D.

March 14 Christian Faith and Leadership in the Public University
Ayanna McConnell and Marie Ting

March 8 “Let There Be Light!” Christian Faith and Energy Justice
Karl Hoesch

February 2024 Events

February 16 Pursuing Purpose Over Profit
Dr. Michael Metzger

February 15 Religion and Politics in America: Is there a Better Way? Christian Scholarly Perspectives (listen to the recording)
Kenneth Lowande and Shayla Olson

February 9 Michigan Through a Glass Darkly: Living Faithfully at a Public University
Dan Crane

February 2 Modeling Uncertainty: A Perspective from a Christian Biostatistician
Dr. Phil Boonstra

January 2024 Events

January 29 How to be Well: Mental Health, Spirituality, and Human Flourishing
Curt Thompson, M.D.

January 27 Living Wisely in a Digital Age
Dr. Felicia Wu Song | Click here to watch the recording

January 26 A Jesus-Driven Professional Journey: Reflections of an English Major
Dr. Valerie Johnson

January 19 Loving God Through Medicine: A Doctor’s Story
Dr. Ryan Wilcox

December 2023 Events

December 7 Is the Universe Finely Tuned for Life?
Dr. Nathan Hudson

December 1 Faith and Photography: Pictures in Prison
Isaac Wingfield

November 2023 Events

November 17 Seeking God’s Truth Through Science and Engineering
Dr. Aline Eid

November 13 Sports and American Culture: A Christian Perspective
Dr. Rebecca Hasson, Dr. Chad Carlson, Colby Keefer

November 7 Five Misconceptions about Doubt
Dr. Peter Payne

November 3 Genetics, Ethics, and (Seeking to Live By) Faith
Dr. Heidi Lemmerhirt

October 2023 Events

October 27 The Faith of an Engineer
Dr. Jerard Gordon, UM School of Engineering

October 23 Christian Witness in a Polarized Age: Dialoguing Across Differences
Lindy Greer and Matthew Mayhew

October 20Music and Christian Faith
Dr. Chad Burrow and Dr. Amy I-Lin Cheng

October 6 A Philosopher’s Journey from Atheism to Faith at Michigan
Pete Dahlem, M.A

September 2023 Events

September 29 Making Meaning Outside Your Major: The Value of the Liberal Arts
Dr. Jack Baker, Lecturer in Technical Communication, UM School of Engineering

September 28 Some Lessons Learned and Unsolicited Advice from a PGY 54 Surgeon
John Tarpley, M.D., Professor of Surgery and Anesthesiology Emeritus, Vanderbilt University

September 25 Being Human In An Age of Artificial Intelligence: Christian Perspectives on AI
Dr. Maggie Makar, Computer Science | Dr. Thad Polk, Psychology| Dr. Josh Welch, Bioinformatics

September 22 Loving God With Heart and Mind: A Biblical Scholar’s Story
Dr. Deborah Forger, UM Research Fellow in Early Christianity

September 15 Faith or Science? Reflections from a Bioengineer
Dr. Kelly Arnold, UM Associate Professor of Bioengineering

September 8 Friday Student Lunch: Taking Your Faith to College
Dr. Rick Ostrander, Executive Director, Michigan Christian Study Center

April 2023 Events

April 14 Is There an Evangelical Achievement Gap?
Daniel Crane, J.D.

April 14 Reasonable Faith: Moral Argument
Joshua Welch, Ph.D

April 7 Reasonable Faith: Fine-Tuning
Joshua Welch, Ph.D

March 2023 Events

March 31 Tolkien and Creativity
Jack Baker, Ph.D

March 24 What Makes Humans Valuable?
Kristin Collier, M.D.

March 24 How Do Emotions and Reason Go Together?
Rankin Wilbourne